Voting for

State elections to be held on the 29th November 2014.

Voting takes place for both the Lower House or Legislative Assembly (which forms, by majority, the State Government), as well as the Upper House or Legislative Council (at the Federal level, this is called the Senate).

The Lower House in Victoria is divided into different DISTRICTS, each of which has an elected MP (member of Parliament).

The Upper House in Victoria is divided into different REGIONS (which groups eleven Districts), each of which has FIVE Legislative Councillors elected. Each Region has approximately the same number of registered voters.

I am standing for the Upper House for the Eastern Victoria Region.

VOTE BELOW THE LINE with at least your five top preferences numbered     1   2   3   4   5

As an INDEPENDENT, my name appears only below the line, in the last column on the ballot paper.

votingFor the Upper House, voting is counted according to the preferences BELOW the line. Placing a number above the line indicates that the voter is electing to have their preferences counted according to the wishes of the political party or group indicated. If intending to vote above the line, I would suggest checking the Victorian Electoral Commission to see how such a vote would actually be counted.

I would encourage voting below the line in order for your vote to reflect your own personal preferences rather than those of your preferred political party or group.

As a non-affiliated Independent candidate, my only reasonable expectation of being elected is for your vote to be placed below the line, with a ‘1’ placed next to my name, and at least the numbers 2-5 placed in your subsequent preferences (these numbers all placed below the line).

Unlike the Federal elections, you do NOT need to number every box below the line. As long as the numbers 1 through to 5 are clearly indicated, your vote is considered valid (again, do check the Victorian Electoral Commission website for a fuller explanation with regards optional preferential option in the Upper House State elections). I would nonetheless encourage that all boxes be numbered to ensure that your vote reflects your full preferential order.