jmd-b… because a voice, free of party politics, is important in bringing to light direction, consequences of proposed legislation, and values.


Make your vote worthwhile and reflect clear independence in Victoria’s Upper House – irrespective as to whom you decide to vote. [please note that this site is now out of date – it was created when I was asked to stand for the Upper House, realistically having virtually no likelihood of election due to both the spread of the area covered and being known only in the tiniest corner of the stretch. I nonetheless deeply thank the far greater than expected positive responses and votes]

Increasingly, when a government proposes legislation, party members seem to silently support the party line or be accused of ‘breaking rank’. This applies to both major and minor parties.

What I offer is an unequivocal spirit able to support, suggest amendments, or reject government or opposition proposals on their merit, and to the benefit of Victoria’s current and future citizens, based on a core set of principles and values. These are at times called ‘small L liberal values’, reflected in aspects of classical and social liberalism.

I will sit with three guiding Principles, each applicable to all government involvement:

The principle of


The principle of


The principle of



The three realms of society – the economy; the political-judicial systems; and cultural events and institutions – have different general needs and independent requirements.

It is not the place of Government to determine cultural forms, though sufficient provision needs to be made to support (as examples) libraries, schools, museums, swimming pools, as well as various cultural events, which in turn need to develop and operate in appropriate ways.

Principles of autonomy reflected in the Magna Carta, and later articulated as inalienable human rights, need to reflect considerations in the enactment of just laws. Principles such as human dignity, freedom and responsibility are central.

Business activity – whether in the production or distribution of goods and services – needs to similarly take into account the principles delineated above, and, without inappropriate or excessive bureaucratic burdens, remain mindful of human and of environmental care.